Street name committee

The street name committee was created in 1941 in order to be able to advise the Municipal Executive in matters of assigning street names. Sub-municipalities and citizens make requests for streets to be named and the mandated alderman (Ports, Finances, Public Spaces and Organisation) takes the decision.

The street name committee consists of official and co-opted members, which ensures the quality and objectivity of the recommendations for street names.

Official members

  • J. Steenhuis, Municipal Archive of Rotterdam (Chair)
  • W.M.J.I. van Giersbergen, Municipal Archive of Rotterdam (secretary)
  • R. van der Graaf, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V. [Port Authority]
  • A.E. Karbaat, Stadsbeheer
  • R. van As, Publiekszaken (Public Affair)
  • E.M. de Rooy, Stadsbeheer
  • dhr. J. Fischer, Public Works Department

Co-opted members

  • P. van Ulzen
  • E.L. Kuijper
  • M. Vroegindeweij
  • V. Menzel

How does the committee make its recommendations?

The street name committee meets four times per year in order to deal with requests that have come in. When making recommendations, the committee employs a number of guidelines:

  • No streets are named after any living persons, with the exception of the Royal Family.
  • Streets are not given identical or almost-identical names in order to avoid confusion on the part of postal delivery services and emergency services.
  • Streets are not given names that are complicated or difficult to pronounce in order to avoid difficulties with pronunciation and inability to find the street.
  • The aim is to achieve a theme in the names of streets that lie in the immediate vicinity of one another. A theme within a district helps people to orientate themselves.
  • In principle, the names of streets do not change.
  • In principle, a street name is not assigned if there are no properties with addresses on a street, square, road, etc.

Street names

New street names are published in the Municipal Gazette [Gemeenteblad]. These are available for viewing on working days from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm at the Administrative Information and Documentation Centre of Rotterdam [Kenniscentrum Bestuursdienst Rotterdam] (KBR), Coolsingel 40, Room 314.

Information about the history and meaning behind street names can be found on the street name database.

If you have any queries about street names and the process of assigning street names, please contact the secretary of the street name committee.