The City Archives of Rotterdam is one of the oldest archives in the country. On 22 October 1857, the city executive of Rotterdam appointed a committee, the task of which was to be the storage and management of the archive material available in the town hall on the Kaasmarkt. Shortly after that, the first municipal archivist was appointed. The archive was housed in the Schielandshuis for a short while, before acquiring its own premises on the Mathenesserlaan in 1900. In 1998, the archive was moved to its current premises, the former Rijks Automobiel Centrale (in Dutch) on Hofdijk.

Organization structure

The City Archives of Rotterdam is also one of the largest archives. It employs almost 100 permanent members of staff and more than 50 volunteers. The Director/city archivist is Ms. Jantje Steenhuis. 

The organisation of the municipal archive is divided into two sections, namely the Collections and Public Viewing section. In addition to these, there is a staff department of the Archive Inspectorate, which supervises archive and information management of the Municipality of Rotterdam and a number of neighbouring municipalities.

The Collections and Public Viewing section covers the departments that are concerned with the archive’s core activities:

  • Service Provision
  • Archives and Customer Management
  • Materials Management
  • Atlas and Library
  • Education & Research

The departments in the Operations section perform mainly supportive duties:

  • Financial administration
  • Personnel & Organisation
  • Information management
  • Secretariat
  • Communication
  • Facility-related matters


The ‘policy plan’ forms the guiding principle for the activities of the Municipal Archive of Rotterdam. In the current plan period (2007-2010), the focus has been placed on:

  • The problem of meeting the growing demand for historical information
  • The development of E-services and increasing our audience
  • and preventing loss of information.