You may perform searches on this website in several ways:

  • Via the search screen on the pages on individuals, locations and events. You can use this to search by names of people, street name or event in a number of pre-selected databases. See below for further information.
  • You can use the “Search in multiple collections” function to search in one or more databases at the same time. See below for further information.
  • Via the search screen of each collection individually: Library, image catalogue, digital family tree, etc. For help in searching, click on the name of the collection in the menu at the side.

Search for individuals, locations or events

This website acts as an access portal to various databases. For example, you can request genealogical information from the Digital Family Tree of Rotterdam, or search for photographs, prints or moving pictures in the image catalogue or the Rotterdam archive inventories at

You can use the search screen on the ‘Individuals', 'Locations' or 'Events' to search multiple databases at the same time using a global term. In the ‘Individuals’ section, you can search by the person’s name, while in the 'Locations' section you can search by street name of the name of a building or district, for example. The 'Events' section allows you to search by a specific event or period.

The advantage of using this method of searching is that you have a very good chance of finding what you are looking for, but you can also retrieve many hits or a wide variety of hits. If you are searching by a person’s name, for example, you can find references to birth/marriage/death certificates, but also to portraits in the image catalogue, authors of books or articles and to archive inventories. The website itself can likewise be searched using this function.

If you wish to perform an advanced search, it would be better to use the ‘Search in multiple collections’ function or to open the search screen of an individual collection.

Search in multiple collections

You can use the ‘Search in multiple collections’ function to search a number of databases of your choice. You will be given the search fields that are common to the selected databases. Please note : the more collections you select, the fewer search fields you are given.